Digital X-Rays and Intra-Oral Camera

Whenever you receive dental care or require a check-up, a dental x-ray is necessary to assess your oral health. This is to detect cavities, check for gum disease and other dental problems. X-rays taken and its frequency depends on the patients oral health, age and susceptibility to dental problems.

These can be taken during your oral exam to identify and prevent progressing decay.

Digital X-rays are nearly instant and this reduces time and radiation you are exposed to. We can enlarge our digital x-rays as needed, to investigate specific regions of your mouth, and to get a clearer picture of your oral condition.

Intra-Oral Camera Technology

Our intra-oral camera provide a real-time, high-definition color image of the inside of your mouth in great detail. We will use these images to better explain conditions within your mouth, and to show examples of what we are discussing during your examination or procedure.